Message From CEO

Infinity Laghubitta Message From CEO

Message From CEO

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Prabin Kumar Lama
Chief Executive Officer

Microfinance sector of Nepal has been emerging industries for access to finance in village area, where infrastructure, economic activities, social awareness is very poor. Microfinance is playing a vital role to access the financial services with poor people and enhancing their economic status as well as quality of life. Today MFIs function in a complex environment due to international conflict between russia and ukraine which triggered a massive shock to the global economy, squeezing supply and pushing up the prices in our national economy to the unprecedented levels, agitation group of microfinance, liquidity crisis and face significant challenges such as increased competition, tighter regulations imposed by NRB, increased sophistication of microfinance clients demanding more diversified products and higher customer service with an affordable pricing, lacking committed and talent employees at all levels. Managing these challenges in a way that gains competitive advantage requires strong innovative leadership, committed and talented management team and staffs at all levels of institution. With the mindset of such challenges, we have to develop appropriate and well strategy to overcome the challenges and achieving the expected financial and social goal of Infinity Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (ILBSL).

ILBSL promise (motto) to works with those people who has had marginalized and socially disappeared. ILBSL, Nepal is such specialized microfinance financial institution promoted by some of reputed Individuals professional.

The ILBSL will be play essential role in the poverty reduction and development of country. On the one hand, we provide the means, by which a society achieves economic prosperity and at the same time; ILBSL are entrusted with safe guarding the stability of the financial system. In 2080/81 Institution embraced these interlinked responsibilities with the new dynamism to benefit both customers and shareholders. We are offering our customers a broader range of smart and flexible product and services through our branch network will be located in different places of Nepal. The ILBSL focus in two parts, technology and talent development. To attract today’s customers and build a long term relationship, we must deliver innovative services, add value chain system through smart technology, by investing in up to the minute technology; we can attract more customers with a superior user friendly experience, mobile access to services and creative applications for social media.

            The ILBSL looks at 2080/81 as challenging year. We will continue to focus on being more accessible to our customers by practicing further innovation in product development, delivery channels, smart technology adaptation and overall customer satisfaction. We expect 2079/80 to be a revolutionary year for the Institution.

            I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Government of Nepal, Nepal Rastra Bank, Company Registrar Office, Securities Board of Nepal, Nepal Stock Exchange, Board of Directors of ILBSL and other concerned institutions who helped us to establish and grow. I hope to receive such cooperation in coming days too. Once again; I assure them qualitative and customer friendly services in future too. I would also like to thank our staffs for their commitment and sincerity towards achieving institution’s goal.

Thank You.

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